6 Things that turn buyers' off in a Bedroom

It may be your intimate sanctuary and your place of rest but when selling a home ‘Your’ bedroom becomes ‘the’ bedroom during open homes so its important for it to appeal to every buyer during this time.

Showcasing the bedroom with a sense of calmness and simplicity will have your buyer imagining what their day to day, and nightime, will look like in this room.

Here are 6 things we know that turn buyers off in the Bedroom

1.       An unmade bed

This shows buyers how the owner wakes up! Whether the past night’s sleep was restless or peaceful, which side takes all the blankets or doona, how many pillows one likes to sleep with or whether pyjamas are kept under the pillow or in a draw.

You, in your bed, is something they will be thinking about.

Set the mood by making your bed with crisp white linen, decorative cushions and coverlet. A perfectly styled bed will always draw positive attention to a room.

Styling and Photo by Styleness

Styling and Photo by Styleness

2.       Clutter

Not only does clutter make a room look untidy, it also makes a room look smaller and distracting. Again this will have buyers living in your life and not visualising it for their own.  

Trinkets, medication, current novels being read, personal items, the list goes on…these are all items that create clutter. Remaining should be the bedside lamps and adding in a small fresh posy of flowers will be a nice touch for open home days.

Most bedrooms have wardrobes and I’m sure while you read this you can also answer to whether you are guilty of having a second or even third wardrobe that consists of a chair, ottoman or table?? However many piles of clothes you have going on in your room, it needs to be put away and neatly. Which is leading to the next turn off.

3.       Not enough Storage

If you have a wardrobe that is exploding with ‘things’ then a declutter is a good way to start. When clothes fall out as the door opens or if the door can’t shut properly  to begin with, this is the first sign to ‘there’s not enough space”. Shelving and hanging space that is not overflowing, neatly folded and placed will give the illusion of ample amounts of storage. Just what buyers need.

4.       Family Photos

The memories you’ve shared with loved ones is something that is personal to you. Having these ‘on display’ will give your buyer a sense of who’s room it actually belongs too. A buyer will then feel like they are intruding on your personal space. Replacing these with tasteful art will be a lot more pleasing to a buyers’ eye.

5.       Not enough Natural Light

Dark rooms have a cold and uninviting look and feel to them. Opening up curtains or blinds to let in any amount of natural light will instantly lift the rooms appeal, we don’t need to live in darkness all the time. If your natural light is limited, we recommend using lighter tones in furniture and linen.

Styling by Styleness Photo by Studio 33

Styling by Styleness Photo by Studio 33

6. A run – down bedroom:

Does your room look tired or old? An instant quick fix is a fresh coat of paint. Nothing smells and speaks clean better than a fresh coat of paint. Could your windows benefit from some new window coverings? These small and simple upgrades will also make a positive impact to the look and feel of your room.

So, if we can ask you…. How does your room currently look? Does it present well for that buyer to fall in love?

Team Styleness raises over $63,000 for Children's Cancer Research

In October 2018 our CEO Tony Johnson along with Paul Allsop and Stuart Forbes set out to ride over 1000 km’s during the month of October in the Great Cycle Challenge to raise money and awareness for the Children’s Medical Research Institute. (CMRI)

Their initial target and goal was $35,000, but with the kind hearts of many of our clients and contractors the revised final money donated was a remarkable $63,406.

On Friday 8th February 2019, Head of Fundraising Andrew Kelly from CMRI has invited Team Styleness to a private tour of the Institute in Westmead and experience the impacts of their outstanding fundraising efforts.

Congratulations to Tony and Team Styleness on an outstanding achievement.


Great Cycle Challenge started in 2013, and after just 5 years, the event has grown to become one of the biggest cycling events in Australia.

People of all ages, abilities and from every state across the country set themselves a personal riding goal and challenge themselves to pedal throughout October to fight kids’ cancer. 

In 5 years, our community of 42,498 riders from all 6 states and 2 territories have ridden a total of 10,305,632 km, and together we’ve raised $12,280,194 in support of research to develop better treatments and find a cure for childhood cancer.

Why? Because cancer is the largest killer of children from disease in Australia. Over 600 Australian children are diagnosed with cancer every year and sadly, 3 children die every week.

We're riding to give these kids the brighter futures they deserve, and we believe that any one individual can make their personal impact to fight cancer and save little lives.


Our vision is a world without cancer where all kids are living life, not fighting for it.

What can you do now to enhance your Spring Sale?

By Vanessa Johnson - Property Stylist

We may just be starting to get used to cold mornings, rugging up and cooking warm hearty meals in our kitchens, but in our fast-paced world spring really is just around the corner. In just over 2 months we will be watching spring flowers blossom, hearing the birds sing and my favourite, not having to layer up our clothing. Spring is also one of the busiest times in the property industry with most sellers preferring to sell as the weather warms and buyers preferring to buy well and truly before thinking about Christmas. 

No matter what time of the year you choose to sell your property, creating the first impression is imperative in today’s market and one that, when achieved well, will gravitate more buyers and have a positive impact on your overall sale campaign.

Here are our main objectives you can address now to enhance the presentation and price of your property for a spring campaign.

Styling by Styleness | Image by Studio 33

Styling by Styleness | Image by Studio 33

Front Facade

Create an impeccable first impression the moment a buyer drives up to your property.

Your house facade can make or break a buyers first perception. Do your exteriors need a freshen up with a coat of paint? Is your guttering attached and in working condition? Are there any other repairs I can see that need attention. These are all questions that you should be asking yourself when looking at your house from the street. 

Display your house number clearly and pay attention to how your lawns and gardens look from the curb side. Fresh mulch, de-weeding and trimming of trees will give a well- maintained, low maintenance look. Address all these issues along with any painting requirements the front of your property needs.

Image Pinterest

Image Pinterest

Declutter / Depersonalise

This is one of the most important steps when it comes to presenting your home at its best. How you live in your home is different to how you sell it. Depersonalising your home is the first step to detaching yourself from it and the beginning step to visualising your home as buyer.

We love displaying our precious loved ones in photos, special events such as your Wedding Day and capturing all those candles Grandma blew out on her birthday cake, are all distracting a buyer from visualising themselves within your property.

A good declutter can have a huge impact on the way your property looks and feels. Decluttering a space or cupboard (Yes buyers look in there too) will not only help your area to look tidier, it will allow it to feel bigger, brighter, cleaner and well-maintained.

Declutter & Styling by Styleness

Declutter & Styling by Styleness


It is widely known that kitchens are the heart of the home and one of the most important aspects to buyers when viewing your property. Unless you’re the seasoned renovator, most buyers aim to purchase a home that is new, complete and ready to move in. At times, not all budgets can include the whole kitchen reno but some small upgrades can certainly have a huge impact on this focal point.

New appliances, new taps, maybe new kitchen door handles or even a kitchen facelift with the specialists from https://dreamdoorskitchens.com.au/ can be a cost-effective exercise that has a positive gain on your sale

Dream Doors Kitchen Facelift

Dream Doors Kitchen Facelift


Another room of the floorplan that is a very important consideration for buyers. Your bathroom will be an instant turn-off if there is mould, soap scum, clutter, broken tiles, weathered taps outdated shower screen, no storage and just an overall unhygienic look and smell about it. All of these factors need to be addressed and will great consideration. Another area that can come with a high price tag when upgrading, thinking smartly can be your greatest asset. https://www.whiteknightpaints.com.au/products/kitchen-bathroom/

Styling and photo by Styleness

Styling and photo by Styleness

Clean - Paint - Repairs

You are going to clean like you have never cleaned before and a little elbow grease will go a long way. Every internal surface will benefit from a thorough clean. Removing moss, dirt, dust etc with high pressure cleaning, will give a whole new look to outdoor areas.

Nothing spells new, clean and fresh like a coat of paint and if the budget allows, this will make a huge difference. A neutral wall tone will have a more pleasing effect on any buyer.

Any repairs around your home have probably been on the to-list for a while, saying “one day I’ll get around to fixing that.” Well now is the time when this list needs to get some completed ticks against it.

Styling and Photo by Styleness

Styling and Photo by Styleness

Engage a Property Stylist

It was mentioned earlier that the way you live in your home is very different to how you sell it. Engaging with a property stylist will help you to have each and every box ticked and addressed so that when the time comes to put your property on the market, yours will be the one standing out against your competitors.

We as property stylists are professionals in the industry. We come in with ‘fresh eyes’ understanding what buyers would like to see, what attracts their attention, and how we can help create a lifestyle that helps them visualise themselves in each and every area of your property.

We look at your overall floorplan and how it can be maximised to its full potential both spatially and functionally, how we can maximise the natural lighting of your home, whilst showcasing a calm, harmonious feel throughout. It’s about accentuating the positives in your property, creating bonus areas if we can and detouring the negatives to have an overall positive impact on their first impression. Less than 10% of buyers can visualise an empty space with furniture in it and rooms actually look smaller if left empty so engaging with a property stylist will enable you to achieve the right result.

Photo by Pandanus 3

Photo by Pandanus 3

Window Furnishings

You can never have too much natural light and some window coverings will either help accentuate the light or lessen the amount that streams in. If your window treatment is a little on the dated side, scrap them and update them with simple, cost effective shades. https://www.diyblinds.com.au/

DIY Online Blinds’ New PureWood Venetian Range

DIY Online Blinds’ New PureWood Venetian Range


We are specifically referring to the pool fence. This can be overlooked or forgotten and when the time comes, if left too late, may delay your sale campaign or be an expense that a buyer may not want to pay for. Be one step ahead, otherwise your buyer may be more interested in your competitor who has already ticked this box. http://www.swimmingpoolregister.nsw.gov.au/checklists

Photo by Styleness

Photo by Styleness

Research your Real Estate Agents

When selling one of your biggest assets, your time and money are very important. Are they knowledgeable of your area, what does their portfolio look like? Does your agent have the same commitment as you in showcasing your property in the best way either through photos, social media/data platforms? What is the commission rate? Remember you only get what you pay for.

And lastly, honesty. Are they going to give you honest advice, an honest and realistic asking price that is relative to today’s market? Are they going to be honest with you about feedback from potential buyers?

Image by Pinterest

Image by Pinterest

Styleness announced as Waratah's new Major Sponsor

By Tony Johnson - Associate Director Styleness

Styleness are pleased to announce that we have partnered with the Manly Warringah District Cricket Club including juniors as their Major Sponsor for the next 3 years. Read below an article from the iconic cricket club.


New Sponsor.jpg

The Manly Warringah Waratahs are extremely proud to announce Styleness as the new major sponsor for the next 3 seasons.

Styleness joined the Waratahs last season as one of our support partners, and the upgrade to be our Major Sponsor for 2018/19 and beyond was a natural progression for an organisation that was one of our most passionate supporters last year.

Based on the Northern Beaches, Styleness are the perfect example of locally grown organisation making waves across Sydney. Associate Director Tony Johnson expressed to us his excitement at extending the partnership between Styleness and the Waratahs.

“Becoming the new major sponsor for a community leader like the Waratahs was an easy decision for the team at Styleness, and a fantastic way for us to continue this strong partnership between two proud Northern Beaches brands,” said Tony.

“We are really looking forward to playing a role in helping the Club to continue thriving both on and off the field. It’s been great to see so many juniors come through over the last few years and I want to help continue the trend.”

Styleness pride themselves in being a local organisation supporting local clubs. They are not only supporters of the Waratahs, they are also huge supporters of the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles, along with a number of other locally-based charities making a real impact on the Peninsula.

Club President Andrew Fraser also expressed his enthusiasm at the new partnership with Styleness.

“Tony and Vanessa are passionate supporters of our Club, so we’re delighted to welcome Styleness on board as our major sponsor. We’re also looking forward to helping them further grow their brand via the partnership,” said Andrew.

“They’re now an integral part of the Waratahs family and the Club is very grateful for their generous support, which will also extend to the Manly Warringah Junior Representative teams.”

We are so proud to be officially known as the Styleness Waratahs for the 2018/19 season, and can’t wait to continue this fantastic partnership in the years to come!

Small touches to add when selling your home

By Vanessa Johnson, Property Stylist


We all know it's the little things that count and with these small additions, any buyer will be impressed.


Image & Styling by Styleness


Fresh Flowers

Adding a fresh bunch of foliage/flowers brings life and warmth to any area of your home. Whether it be a simple arrangement or something more striking, any size helps to make you feel relaxed, feel welcomed and gives a sense of that 'home' feeling when buyers walk through your property. Placing a fresh arrangement in the entry way helps create an unforgettable first impression and simply displaying them in your living, dining and bedroom spaces will help add a fresh touch and a pop of colour, creating a welcoming, harmonious flow throughout.

We love using long lasting foliage with lots of green that lasts the distance throughout our clients' sale campaign. This is not only pleasing to the eye but great on the budget as well.

Image & Styling by Styleness



This one can be a hit and miss in some opinions. The last thing buyers want is to only remember your property by a smell they didn't particularly like. What we recommend is an extremely mild scented candle or a candle that has no scent. The reason for this, we want your buyers remembering the ambiance the home gave and not the strong jasmine scented candle that made them sneeze. With that said though, candles are a great way to combat the negative smell that a property may have due to pets, stinky shoes or the odour from the creek next door.

Image by Sophie Paterson Interiors


Fresh Fruit / Fresh Herbs

A bowl filled with the one type of unblemished fresh fruit, apples, pears, oranges, lemons or lime, will give that pop of colour to bring your kitchen area to life. We also love fresh herbs on any bench. A decent sized bunch of parsley, basil or even rosemary will give a beautiful fresh scent to your kitchen and the best part, you get to use in your meal preparation afterwards.

Image & Styling by Styleness