Small touches to add when selling your home

By Vanessa Johnson, Property Stylist


We all know it's the little things that count and with these small additions, any buyer will be impressed.


Image & Styling by Styleness


Fresh Flowers

Adding a fresh bunch of foliage/flowers brings life and warmth to any area of your home. Whether it be a simple arrangement or something more striking, any size helps to make you feel relaxed, feel welcomed and gives a sense of that 'home' feeling when buyers walk through your property. Placing a fresh arrangement in the entry way helps create an unforgettable first impression and simply displaying them in your living, dining and bedroom spaces will help add a fresh touch and a pop of colour, creating a welcoming, harmonious flow throughout.

We love using long lasting foliage with lots of green that lasts the distance throughout our clients' sale campaign. This is not only pleasing to the eye but great on the budget as well.

Image & Styling by Styleness



This one can be a hit and miss in some opinions. The last thing buyers want is to only remember your property by a smell they didn't particularly like. What we recommend is an extremely mild scented candle or a candle that has no scent. The reason for this, we want your buyers remembering the ambiance the home gave and not the strong jasmine scented candle that made them sneeze. With that said though, candles are a great way to combat the negative smell that a property may have due to pets, stinky shoes or the odour from the creek next door.

Image by Sophie Paterson Interiors


Fresh Fruit / Fresh Herbs

A bowl filled with the one type of unblemished fresh fruit, apples, pears, oranges, lemons or lime, will give that pop of colour to bring your kitchen area to life. We also love fresh herbs on any bench. A decent sized bunch of parsley, basil or even rosemary will give a beautiful fresh scent to your kitchen and the best part, you get to use in your meal preparation afterwards.

Image & Styling by Styleness