6 Things that turn buyers' off in a Bedroom

It may be your intimate sanctuary and your place of rest but when selling a home ‘Your’ bedroom becomes ‘the’ bedroom during open homes so its important for it to appeal to every buyer during this time.

Showcasing the bedroom with a sense of calmness and simplicity will have your buyer imagining what their day to day, and nightime, will look like in this room.

Here are 6 things we know that turn buyers off in the Bedroom

1.       An unmade bed

This shows buyers how the owner wakes up! Whether the past night’s sleep was restless or peaceful, which side takes all the blankets or doona, how many pillows one likes to sleep with or whether pyjamas are kept under the pillow or in a draw.

You, in your bed, is something they will be thinking about.

Set the mood by making your bed with crisp white linen, decorative cushions and coverlet. A perfectly styled bed will always draw positive attention to a room.

Styling and Photo by Styleness

Styling and Photo by Styleness

2.       Clutter

Not only does clutter make a room look untidy, it also makes a room look smaller and distracting. Again this will have buyers living in your life and not visualising it for their own.  

Trinkets, medication, current novels being read, personal items, the list goes on…these are all items that create clutter. Remaining should be the bedside lamps and adding in a small fresh posy of flowers will be a nice touch for open home days.

Most bedrooms have wardrobes and I’m sure while you read this you can also answer to whether you are guilty of having a second or even third wardrobe that consists of a chair, ottoman or table?? However many piles of clothes you have going on in your room, it needs to be put away and neatly. Which is leading to the next turn off.

3.       Not enough Storage

If you have a wardrobe that is exploding with ‘things’ then a declutter is a good way to start. When clothes fall out as the door opens or if the door can’t shut properly  to begin with, this is the first sign to ‘there’s not enough space”. Shelving and hanging space that is not overflowing, neatly folded and placed will give the illusion of ample amounts of storage. Just what buyers need.

4.       Family Photos

The memories you’ve shared with loved ones is something that is personal to you. Having these ‘on display’ will give your buyer a sense of who’s room it actually belongs too. A buyer will then feel like they are intruding on your personal space. Replacing these with tasteful art will be a lot more pleasing to a buyers’ eye.

5.       Not enough Natural Light

Dark rooms have a cold and uninviting look and feel to them. Opening up curtains or blinds to let in any amount of natural light will instantly lift the rooms appeal, we don’t need to live in darkness all the time. If your natural light is limited, we recommend using lighter tones in furniture and linen.

Styling by Styleness Photo by Studio 33

Styling by Styleness Photo by Studio 33

6. A run – down bedroom:

Does your room look tired or old? An instant quick fix is a fresh coat of paint. Nothing smells and speaks clean better than a fresh coat of paint. Could your windows benefit from some new window coverings? These small and simple upgrades will also make a positive impact to the look and feel of your room.

So, if we can ask you…. How does your room currently look? Does it present well for that buyer to fall in love?